The Family of Kergean ( Play ) مسرحية عايلة قرقيعان

The Kergean Family is a Kuwaiti comedy play written by Ayman Al-Hubail and directed by Nader Al-Hasawi. It was produced in 2005.

Kergean family
Comic genre
The author is Ayman Al Habeel
Premiere November 3, 2005
Country of origin Flag of Kuwait.svg Kuwait Modify the value of the (P495) property in Wikidata
Offered in Kuwait
Production Froggy Center for Media Production and Distribution
Directed by Nader Al-Hasawi
Starring Tariq Al-Ali, Abdel-Rahman Al-Aql, Shehab Hajia, Alaa Morsi, Khaled Al-Buraiki, Ahmed Al-Baroud, Mona Al-Balushi, Maggie Mutran, Hani Al-Tabbakh

Category: Comedy, GCC Plays

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